Pain Management

The chances are good that you will experience some type of pain in your life. Approximately 7.7 million people seek treatment for back pain each year. Our chiropractor at Skarbek Chiropractic has many techniques and therapies to help you with pain management.

What to Do When You Have Pain

Pain occurs for many reasons. Of course, as we age, our chances of experiencing pain increase. Young people can suffer from pain as well. Maybe you were in a car or work-related accident or suffered a sports injury. No matter what happened to cause your pain, the important part is getting relief. Our clinic specializes in pain management to help you feel your best.

Acute pain can last up to six weeks. If the pain doesn’t subside on its own at that point, it is known as chronic pain. We offer many ways to help you manage your pain without painkillers. If you are experiencing back pain, we use gentle adjustments to help realign your spine. Your chiropractic sessions will be painless, and you may even find them relaxing.

Chiropractic care helps your back pain, but may also help reduce neck pain and pain in your shoulders, arms, or legs. Neck pain can benefit from spinal adjustments. In addition, we offer corrective exercises that can not only prevent future pain, but also increase your range of motion and mobility.

Chiropractic care is not a one-and-done type of treatment. It is necessary to schedule regular sessions with us in order to relieve pain and help manage it as much as possible. Most sessions last less than an hour and maintenance care won’t be as frequent as your first visits.

You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

Are you in the Libertyville area and in need of a great chiropractor? Contact us at Skarbek Chiropractic for the chiropractic pain management services available.

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